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The 1st Finnish Stone Carving Championship
Juuka, North Carelia, Finland

Sculptor artifacts Kauko Kortelainen Juuka.

The 1st  Finnish Stone Carving Championship and related events  were organised 2.-4.7.2021 in Juuka North Carelia. It brought together self-taught sculptors to carve soapstone and visitors to follow these art and skills.

Juuka’s own natural product, soapstone, was shaped by the hands of the sculptors.

The 2021 championship was an art competition and the theme was Wild Nature – Karelian Impressions Visualised In Stone (KIVI – Stone): targeting its beautiful landscapes, forests, wilderness, lakes, animals and natural experiences. The topic was inspired by highlighting the responsible use of nature and the challenges of preserving its diversity and natural beauty.

The Stone Carving Championship took place in the center park of Juuka municipality site of historical Puu-Juuka with its wooden houses built in the beginning of 20th century. The event was open for everyone. The programme included “Thousand stories of Stones”: How people have used the stone since centuries ago and soap stone products. “Let´s talk about wild fish of Lake Pielinen” brought on the table wild fish recepies, menus, and products to taste.

The patron of the event was Region Mayor Mr. Markus Hirvonen. The main organizers of the event were Ellin Taitajat ry, Association for Rural Culture and Education and the municipality of Juuka. A wide range of communities, companies, supporters and volunteers were involved.

The event was related to the North Carelia regions´s 300th anniversary and the region’s Sculpture Event series. The event was organized in cooperation with Karhufestivaali – The Bear Festival in Ilomantsi.

Juuka, home of soapstone offered to visitors the full bouquet of cultural historical and nature sightseeings: stonefences in Vuokko, stone statues of sculpturer Kauko Kortelainen, lace ceramic of Sinikka Häyrinen, island of Paalasmaa, wooden church of Juuka and several museums. Welcome!

Picture: Pentti Kallinen


There was two competitions for individuals

1. Finland Championship of Hand Stone Carving 2. – 4.7.2021

2. Finland Championship of Machine Stone Carving 2.-4.7.2021

The registration deadline was 14th June 2021.

You can find the rules and the registration form here:

Don´t miss this trip to the 1st  Stone Carving Championship of Finland in Juuka!